Why OneCab?

why pick us?

Find out why Australian cabinet makers and trade professionals are using OneCab


WHO is OneCab for? 

OneCab is for cabinet makers, trade professionals and ABN holders. 

This service is primarily targeted towards those with sound cabinetry building knowledge and experience. You can work solo – leasing a warehouse to store your equipment and projects will become redundant. You do not need to hire a team, and all you really need is your ute, trusty tools and you are good to go. 

OneCab is also perfect for established businesses. Focus on the sales side of kitchens and cabinetry, while we will handle the manufacturing side of this. 

Let us take the stress away from manufacturing custom cabinetry. Don’t turn away potential projects because you are under the pump.


WHAT is OneCab about?

Here at Character Group, we believe that everyone should have access to large scale manufacturing at an affordable rate with real value for money. 

Powered by goCabinets, this is an online custom cabinetry ordering system for cabinet makers and builders. 

  • OneCab is great for if you want to make more money and cut out the middle man.
  • OneCab is perfect for someone who wants more control of their cabinetry needs.
  • OneCab allows you to get an accurate quote quickly without having to rely on your subcontracted cabinet maker. 
Click the images below to watch a short clip how OneCab has helped streamline these businesses!


WHAT makes OneCab special?

Are you frustrated with fixed kitchen sizes? 

Are you finding that all flat pack kitchens are a little too big or too small for your space? 

Are you wanting a custom made kitchen at an affordable price?

OneCab is a FREE online ordering system that allows trade professionals to quote and order cabinets in real time. In one click, send your orders direct to us, the CNC manufacturer and have your projects delivered on-site, cut-to size and ready to install. Become a member to discover how OneCab will streamline your business. 

With OneCab, you will see quotes INSTANTLY and eliminate quoting and ordering mistakes. Our workshop is equipped with the latest machinery and utilises the most up to date drawing programs so your project completion date will not be hindered and quality not compromised. With a HUGE range of components, colours, dimensions and materials to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless and you will have the flexibility to customise every project. 

If you can dream and design it – we can deliver it!



WHERE is OneCab located? 

We are located in locally here in Armadale, Perth. To visit our factory and view our manufacturing capabilities, arrange a visit to our factory, meet the team and understand the quality service and product that we provide. 

Our factory is equipped with the latest high tech CNC machinery for guaranteed quality cuts – you will not be disappointed. Between the affordable prices and large scale manufacturing (no job is too big or too small), you will wonder why you haven’t signed up to OneCab sooner. 

Reap the benefits today or call us at 9234 3000 for more information!


WHY should I join OneCab?

Still unconvinced? Here are some reasons to not join OneCab:

  • Don’t join OneCab if you love the stress of manufacturing custom cabinets
  • Don’t join OneCab if you love waiting for quotes from your subcontracted cabinet maker to get back to you on pricing to quote your client
  • Don’t join OneCab if you don’t want full control and flexibility over the specifications of every aspect of the cabinetry

We may be biased but we can’t think of any real reasons as to why you shouldn’t sign up. It is 100% free (forever and always) to become a member, as we don’t want fees to be a factor in deciding whether or not you want to give OneCab a go. 

Sign up to receive instant access to our extensive library today and get your next project underway!

Main benefits? 

  • Easy to use and FREE to become a member 
  • Live, real-time quoting 
  • Keep track of jobs and get completion dates 
  • Access high tech machinery for guaranteed quality cuts 
  • No need for a factory or machinery, thus fewer overhead costs 
  • Efficiency with prompt turnaround times 
  • No need to produce cut lists 
  • Fully mobile, log on anywhere, any time 
  • Flexibility of being able to customise every product 
  • Access to a comprehensive library of cabinets, cabinet products, boards and hardware

Click to log in or sign up!


HOW does OneCab work?

OneCab works in six simple steps.

1. Register to become a OneCab member  

Sign up for free and get instant access here. Once you have registered, you will be instantly approved to start using the software. 

OneCab is compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices.


2. Open a new job and enter your project details 

Enter your job from a huge range of components, customise colours, dimensions and materials, finishes, fittings and more! You can easily add, remove and adjust your specifications. You don’t need to be a technology whiz to figure this out. You can even save your favourite sizes for faster access later on.

OneCab utilises only the most trusted suppliers and brands, located on our home page.


3. OneCab generates quotes, instantly 

Once you are happy with the project, OneCab calculates the quote instantly.

This ensures you can easily and accurately quote jobs for your clients.No need to wait for our reply. It is all in the software!

4. Submit your projects with one click

Ordering cabinets online is simple. Once your job is approved by you and your client, just hit ‘submit job’ to get the manufactured.

You don’t need to find your own materials or call us to confirm – it is all done through the OneCab software.

5. Track jobs with real time project notifications 

Track the progress of your job from any device- desktop, mobile or tablet. Receive real time updates and notifications for your projects.

You don’t have to play the guessing game with your client- estimated delivery dates are provided and tracked on OneCab.

6. Deliver on-site and ready to install 

OneCab gives you the flexibility to have your jobs delivered to the site or for you to organise pick up.

Everyone understands that time is money, so save your precious time and avoid costly mistakes by having our tip top machinery cut your cabinetry to its specifications, flat packed and ready to install.

Installation is simple, all you need is a drill and your cabinetry skills! We even have an option that allows your cabinetry supplied to you already assembled and ready to go.


MAIN Takeaway Points?

CUSTOMISE: Completely alter your cabinet dimensions, finishes, more!

QUOTE: Receive instant prices for each cabinet you select so you can easily quote your clients!

SUBMIT: Confirm with a click and receive delivery or free pick-up in Perth!

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