What to Look for When Ordering Cabinets Online Directly From Manufacturers


If you know your way around tools and have some cabinetry making knowledge, why not order cabinets online directly from a manufacturer? If you are looking to save some cash and have some time on your hands, this is a great option for you to look into.


What are the benefits of ordering directly from manufacturers? 

Buying cabinets directly from a manufacturer heavily reduce the price you need to pay for your cabinets as labour for install is not factored into the price. Of course, this option is really only viable for those with trade knowledge, otherwise, you may run into trouble when it comes to putting it together and end up paying more than what you would have to get someone to come out and fix your errors down the road.


Cabinets ordered online are of lower quality

A common misconception is that the kitchen cabinets you buy online will be of lower quality. This is mostly untrue – though depending on the source, it could possibly be of poorer quality. Ensure you do your research on the manufacturer (how long they have been in business, photos of their work, brands and materials they offer etc). 


As an OneCab member, you gain access to a comprehensive library of cabinets, cabinet products, boards and hardware. Check out a snippet of our colour selections here: 


onecab colour selection


Here at OneCab, we only utilise leading Australian hardware to manufacture your kitchen cabinets. We believe that everyone should have access to large scale manufacturing with real value for money. Check out our FAQ for more information about how we are able to keep our prices low for our customers.


Verify the material

If you find some cabinets online that you would like to purchase, do ensure you verify the brand/finish/colour and whether there is the warranty associated and what it covers with your purchase. At OneCab, if there are issues with the material, it falls under the warranty. However, if you have made errors when assembling or installing the cabinets, the warranty will be void as that is through no fault of our own. 


Save inspiration photos

Save images of kitchens or kitchen cabinets you like. If you are unsure whether or not the manufacturer can recreate those, you can email them with the photos and ask if they have products similar. If you have any images you would like us to look at, send them here to sales@onecab.com.au and we will get back to you. 


Sample purchase 

If you are looking to make a big order for the whole kitchen, if possible, ensure you make a sample purchase to ensure the quality of the products is what you are expecting. While the manufacturer may be convincing on the phone or website about their cabinet quality, it may be vastly different when once you receive it. 


Confirm what is included in the cabinet order

Some manufacturers may have hardware or supply defaults that are already included with the purchase e.g. hinges, drawers. If you are supplying your own, make sure you go into the settings and untick the boxes. If you do this, we assume that you are supplying your own and the total job price will go down. Of course, if you opt to have the cabinets already assembled for you, the hardware will be included. 


onecab hardware

onecab hardware

(screenshot taken from OneCab job settings)


Our Takeaway

Buying cabinets online directly from manufacturers definitely have their own perks as you get to decide the level of involvement you want the manufacturer to have. You are offered more customisation in comparison to Bunnings and IKEA in terms of material selection, products and size. Furnish your home without breaking your bank with OneCab


Click to view and download our brochures which show a majority of our products. Alternatively, you can sign up for free on our custom cabinets online ordering portal and have a look at what is available to you. Changes in price are dependent on the material chosen, size of the cabinets and whether you require delivery or assembly. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk – contact us at 0423 058 203 or email us at sales@onecab.com.au for more information. 


OneCab is your local manufacturer for cut-to-size in Perth! We manufacturer custom cabinetry for businesses of all sizes – from solo cabinet makers to medium businesses. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us about the services we provide. 


If you have read this post and don’t think you are able to build the cabinets yourself, contact our sister company, Character Cabinets to enquire about our full service which includes design, install and aftercare. We also work with Stone with Character to supply quality stone benches at affordable prices so you only need to deal with one company for both! 


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