What are the benefits OneCab’s flat pack furniture have over Bunnings and IKEA?


The term DIY or ‘do-it-yourself’ is defined as making, repairing or maintaining something by yourself around the home, rather than employing a professional or expert to carry out the task.


While the number of DIYs has continued to increase every year, an article published late last year by Houzz discovered that 90% of homeowners are still hiring professionals to complete the service for them. The article also pointed out that the median spend on our kitchens increased from $17,500 in 2017 to $20,000 in 2018. With this increase of 16%, these numbers definitely show us that while people were interested in spending money on their kitchen, they shied away from any DIY in this space.


This decrease in home DIYs could potentially be attributed to many factors, for example:

  • families who run busy lifestyles result in being time-poor
  • they are not confident in their DIY skills
  • some people would much rather hire an expert and have the task done correctly the first time
  • homeowners may be looking to sell their home in the future and the DIY could hurt the house value
  • many people understand the full cost of a DIY vs hiring a professional (mistakes can be costly)


However, with all this in mind, there is still a market for DIYs and renovations. Businesses like IKEA and Bunnings have shown great success with their flat pack furniture. These products seemingly fly off the shelves as more people are wanting to spruce up their living space without hurting their wallet.


This post will be discussing our free online custom cabinetry ordering portal, OneCab. Our portal competes with the likes of our competitors, Bunnings and IKEA, in that we also offer flat pack furniture – but with a twist.


The following is a screenshot of what our ordering portal looks like:



Q. Why would someone choose OneCab’s flat pack furniture over Bunnings or IKEA?

One of the biggest differences between our flat pack furniture and our competitor’s flat packs is that we DO NOT have set sizes. You may find out you need to rearrange your room to fit a bedside table if the space you have available sits between two sizes of cabinets that IKEA offers.


With OneCab, we do not have set sizes so you can customise it down to the millimetre if you so wish.


Our cabinets are manufactured locally in-house in Perth (factory tours are available – just let us know to arrange a time with us) and made to the EXACT specifications that you provide. We only use leading suppliers you know and trust such as Laminex, Polytec, Blum and Tekform to name a few.


Whether you require one cabinet or 100 cabinets, anyone using our portal will gain access to large scale manufacturing with real value for money. We only use Australian hardware so you can be certain that the calibre of the cabinets we manufacture is of high quality. When you sign up to OneCab, you gain access to our extensive and comprehensive library of products, colours and hardware.


In contrast, if you are not looking for this much customisation, Bunnings and IKEA provide a very simple way to purchase flat pack furniture at set sizes and limited colour options without the hassle of needing to supply every measurement and select all the hardware yourself.


Take for example IKEA’s HELMER unit. There is only one size for this unit and three colour options to select from.


If you require the unit to be a little wider or a little taller than the size provided by IKEA or you would prefer a matte grey to complement your room – this would be unachievable with their limited options.


Q. If OneCab cabinets are as good as they claim them to be, why is it so affordable?

Since we are only manufacturing your cabinets, it is up to you to complete the labour for on-site measures and installation. We are able to take out the cost of labour for these jobs so you are only paying for the cabinets itself. If you are not confident in your own DIY skills, we do also offer assembly services and delivery to your site (please note there are additional costs with these options).


To compare, IKEA’s flat pack furniture price is lower than OneCab’s, due to the fact that they are able to mass-produce products and pass the savings onto you (the customer). Although in saying this, we do believe our prices are very low given that it can be customised to your exact specifications, colour, hardware and products.


Customisation and style don’t have to come with an expensive price tag.


Q. Can anyone use OneCab’s online custom cabinet ordering system?

While anyone can sign up to become a member, our online cabinet ordering system does target those with some background knowledge on how cabinets are put together. Although this service is primarily aimed at trade professionals with ABNs and cabinet makers, you can still create your own free account and have a look around at what is available.


If you are a cabinet maker by trade, there is a huge opportunity for you to take the next step in your cabinet making career. How? You can listen to the needs and wants of your client and you can order the custom cabinetry on our system. With OneCab, you don’t need to pay an outrageous amount for custom furniture. Building our OneCab flat pack furniture is no harder than building one from Bunnings or IKEA.


Long gone are the days where the only options available could be counted on one hand, but with OneCab, options are truly endless.


OneCab’s online custom cabinetry ordering system is completely free to use. Sign up today and check out what is available before you make your first order. If you would like to talk to someone or would like a factory tour to understand the quality in which we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.


In comparison to Bunnings or IKEA, their flat pack furniture could be a little easier to order and build as it caters towards those with limited know-how in DIY and all you need to do is select size and colour.


If you have cabinet making knowledge and are up for a little DIY, OneCab’s flat pack furniture is for you. For more information, don’t hesitate to email us at sales@onecab.com.au or call us at 0423 058 203 to talk to our in house expert.

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